Centrifugal fans

Ventmeca Fans Sas designs and manufactures a large range of industrial centrifugal fans and heavy duty fans. The centrifugal fans can be supplied in single or double stages model, providing an installed power up to 4 000 kW and attaining airflows of 1 500 000 m3/h. Single-stage centrifugal fans can be supplied to deliver pressures up to 35 000 Pa whereas the multi-stage centrifugal fans can operate up to a pressure of 60 000 Pa.

Ventmeca Fans Sas can also supply centrifugal fans and heavy duty fans to handle corrosive gases, abrasive elements and high temperatures (up to 800°C).

The centrifugal fans made by Ventmeca Fans Sas can be directly driven or driven by a coupling or a belt, with all the standard types of primer movers like electric motors, diesel motors and gas turbines.

The centrigual fans are manufactured in:

  • mild steel,
  • stainless steel,
  • aluminium,
  • or alloy steels (Monel, Inconel, Hastalloy, Naxtro).

In addition, all normal surface treatment for protection against corrosion and erosion can be applied.

PPH centrifugal fans
By special request, we can manufacture fans in special plastics like PPH.

Additional information on industrial centrifugal fans 

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